Are you looking for an original gift to offer? And why not a cocktail ready to drink directly from the bottle and even better, a personalized cocktail bottle!

An additional way to stand out to your customers, the personalized bottle is a gift idea that lends itself readily to all kinds of events: as a corporate gift for your employees and your customers, to garnish a gourmet basket, as a gift box or as promotional items for your prospects or simply to offer a beautiful bottle or even as a Christmas gift for your loved ones, the AIRMAIL COCKTAIL personalized cocktail bottle is a new way to differentiate yourself from traditional gifts and advertisements.

The personalized bottle: an original gift

The personalized gift is a vector for creating unique links with the person who receives it. We mentioned it above, but it seems essential to take a little height and shake up the usual codes.

The traditional pen, the cap, the diary, the bottle of champagne or cognac are perfectly adequate advertising gifts at different times in the life of a company or a gift for friends. But, by dint of repetition, their impact is not necessarily there.

AIRMAIL COCKTAIL’s vision is to design personalized gifts, a beautiful cocktail bottle to convey the essence of who you are to your loved ones, friends, customers, guests.

Like a perfumer, we offer a tailor-made creation where we condense what you are, what makes your difference as a person or a company.

The personalized bottle: for unique events

When we organize, when we create an event, we hope to find the point of differentiation, that little extra that twists the moment, that famous “wow” effect that makes a moment unique and of which the guests will be able to keep a good memory. . So we carefully work on the various aspects of the decoration, the scenography, the music, the reception, the catering service and sometimes a champagne bar where we focus on rare or prestigious wines.

We also think of having the specific gifts at this time, the baptism dragees, the personalized goodies of a wedding or a professional incentive. In short, always on the lookout for an original gift to make an impression and make a difference .

At AIRMAIL COCKTAIL, we seek to create a new experience, to bring a touch of creativity necessary to unique events. We therefore suggest that you design a ready-to-drink cocktail bottle in your image.

A gift adaptable to all events:

  • Individual: wedding, birthday, EVG & EVJF, baptism…
  • Professional: customer gift, seminar, reception of partners, exhibition, product launch, company evening, team building…

An ideal gift for all uses:

  • Personalized gift: to give to guests, to offer for wishes, to thank customers…
  • Event service: during a reception, an aperitif, a glass of friendship…

The personalized AIRMAIL COCKTAIL bottle

An immersive experience

AIRMAIL COCKTAIL is above all an immersion, an experience at home. With this solution of ready-to-drink cocktails, we wanted to give you a sensory experience through 3 senses by developing an innovative concept:

First, a visual journey invites you to relax and appreciate the moment with an authentic and neat design. A taste exploration thanks to unique signature recipes, our cocktails are pure creations, you will not find them anywhere else. If you are a fan of great classics like the Negroni, Martini, Maï Taï… So why not offer a timeless bar from the world! Finally, an auditory immersion , with the QR code placed on the back of the bottles, a musical playlist to play during your tasting.

A local production

The quality of the gift offered is important, it reflects your own image and the message you want to convey. To offer an AIRMAIL COCKTAIL bottle is to make the choice to support a small company on a human scale, to promote French know-how favoring short circuits and to favor artisanal manufacturing. A whole bunch of positive points that will make you gain sympathy and that will say a lot to your customers about the values of your company.

Learn more about our philosophy and our commitments!

What can we personalize?

Entirely modular, the customizable cocktail bottle can be partially or entirely personalized according to your desires:

  • A tailor-made cocktail recipe or a choice from one of our signature recipes,
  • A specific bottle shape that is close to your heart or our iconic transparent or colored bottles,
  • A label in collaboration with AIRMAIL COCKTAIL or unique creation in your image imagined by our designer team,
  • A format to choose from: 270ml, 545ml or the 10L cocktail barrel for your small and large events,
  • A unique experience: a QR-code on the packaging to deliver a personalized message

Depending on your aspirations, we will co-create the project with you. Discover those who have trusted us !

With alcohol or without alcohol!

Like you, we are sensitive to bodily well-being and intolerances. Also, we can perfectly design recipes with or without alcohol. The low alcohol or no alcohol trend has no secrets for our mixologists and they will be able to offer good and beautiful cocktails for those who cannot or do not want to consume alcohol.

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