The mojito: a classic recipe

Cocktail star of a beautiful sunny moment, the mojito recipe is too often made casually, a lack of precision that makes all the difference between a mojito and a good mojito.

The mojito is a classic long drink cocktail. Tart, refreshing and very aromatic, it is one of the most consumed cocktail recipes around the world.

At AIRMAIL COCKTAIL, we do not offer this cocktail, we do not have the possibility of making it according to the rules of the art by adapting it to the ready-to-drink bottle format. You can imagine that the freshness of mint leaves is incompatible with the bottled cocktail.

In short, we don’t offer it, but Flavien our mixologist will send you the recipe and explain how to make a homemade mojito . And if that speaks to you, you can discover our interpretation of the mojito with Jumping Ball with its emblematic notes of rum and fresh mint.

Rum, the base of your mojito

For a good mojito, the first aroma contributor is the rum used in your recipe. There are several types of rum and these will considerably modify the taste of your cocktail.

Molasses rum or “industrial rum” is most commonly used for its freshness and almost neutral taste.

The so-called “agricultural” rum made from pure sugar cane is much more aromatic, its use in the development of mojito will reveal warm and flowery notes.

The classic recipe is based on white rum, however brown or old spirits will bring woody notes appreciated by spirits lovers.

You will then choose the one that most resembles you to make your mojito.

Mint, which variety to choose?

Next come the mint leaves. They are arguably the second most important ingredient in your cocktail. Contrary to popular belief, there are a multitude of varieties of mint leaves.

Moroccan mint is the most commonly used, however, be aware that there is pineapple mint, chocolate mint or peppermint, which can also be used in the realization of the mojito.

For a balanced and fresh taste, however, it’s best to start with the Moroccan mint leaf that you’ll probably find in your garden (or any neighborhood store). The chocolate mint will be stronger, with warm notes.

Cane sugar, liquid or powder?

Cane sugar is an important part of your cocktail recipe. In the mojito, it balances the acidity of lime and the alcoholic power of rum.

The simplest way is to make a so-called “rich” syrup, ie: 2 parts sugar to 1 part water.

This dosage will allow you to easily measure the volume of sugar in your mix and above all to be regular in your dosages.

In addition to cane sugar, know that it is also possible to use brown sugar (preferably in liquid form). You can also make a syrup of white sugar, agave or coconut blossom sugar for a more natural version.

It is also perfectly possible to obtain liquid cane sugar which will enhance the taste of the sugar cane and therefore of the cocktail.

Lime, for the note of acidity

Lime represents the “sour” of your cocktail.

Remember to select limes of good size and not too firm (organic if possible). If the lemon seems rounded and bright green, it will be rich in juice and acidity, on the contrary if it seems dry and dark green, the juice will be less acidic, and more concentrated in essential oils and aromas.

Sparkling water, for freshness

Sparkling water is present to lengthen and dilute the cocktail. The recommendation is to use mineral-neutral water so as not to alter the taste of your mojito.

The ice, always crushed!

The easiest way is to get some crushed ice from your favorite cocktail bar or supermarket.

Be careful, however, not to use “flakes” this ice is reserved for fishmongers and other storage needs. It is not suitable for making cocktails because it is very thin and melts too quickly. Diluting it in your cocktail may alter the taste of your mojito.

It is also possible to make the mojito with cubed ice by breaking it.

Ice is really a fundamental element of your cocktail. Don’t be afraid to overdo it and follow the precept “ice keeps ice” for all your cocktail creations. Indeed, more ice = less dilution due to water and not the other way around. So the more ice you have, the less you will have in your cocktail 😉

bar equipment

So we have rum, mint leaves, cane sugar… Let’s review the equipment to make the cocktail.

You will need a pestle (or a small rolling pin in an emergency), a bar spoon, measuring spoon (or egg cup) to measure liquids.

The choice of glass

The choice of your service glass represents 30% of the tasting of the cocktail. It must be “long drink” or “highball” in order to deliver a refreshing and light tasting experience. Sight is the first sense used when tasting a cocktail, so transparency, weight, color… These are all factors that can affect the so-called “refreshing” experience.


If it is no longer automatic, enjoying a mojito without a straw is relatively complicated. Plastic is of course to be banned for an eco-responsible cocktail.

Remember also that the straw will remain on average between 10 and 20 minutes in contact with ice and alcohol. Paper straws fall apart quickly and often give a disturbing taste and texture to the cocktail. The sugar straws will add sugar to the taste and melt in the mouth. The most appropriate is the use of natural wheat straw, stainless steel straw, bamboo or even avocado pit for your mojito.

How to make a mojito?

The recipe for making your homemade mojito

  • 40ml white (or brown) rum
  • 15ml liquid cane sugar (free to vary)
  • 1/2 lime quartered
  • 10 to 15 mint leaves
  • 180 grams of ice cream
  • 100ml sparkling water

The cocktail in order

  1. Start by placing the mint leaves at the bottom of the serving glass, add the quartered lemon and crush to express the oils, lemon juice and mint in your cocktail.
  2. Add liquid sugar and rum.
  3. Fill the glass 80% with ice, insert the mixing spoon all the way to the bottom of the glass. Mix from bottom to top to mix all the ingredients of the cocktail and start a first dilution.
  4. Top the cocktail glass with sparkling water up to 1 cm from the top of the glass and add the ice to have a filled and very cold glass.
  5. Decorate your mojito with mint leaves, add a straw and enjoy the cocktail.

Make the cocktail your own

Once your first mojito has been made and the method assimilated, it’s time to make the recipe your own and twist it according to your preferences and experiences.

Adding half a passion fruit or a few fresh raspberries when crushing will bring you exotic or more local flavors depending on the season.

The mojito is one of the most twisted cocktails, it is possible to make a mojito with Cognac, white Pineau des Charentes… And so with other types of rum.

Now that you know how to make a mojito at home, it’s time for your imagination and your talents as a Mixologist.

Discover our rum cocktail creation .

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