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17,6% ABV

A twist on the original recipe, this lighter version is also more powerful thanks to the addition of ginger, a new ingredient in this revisitation. It will add a touch of spice to your cocktail and will make your taste buds quiver!

Triple Sec
Lime juice*

Notes: Summery, fresh, lemony, spicy.

Created by Germain.

* From organic farming

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Mai Tai: the legendary rum-based cocktail

Mai Tai is an iconic cocktail that conjures up images of sunny beaches, tropical holidays and moments of relaxation. This exotic blend of rum and citrus fruit has become a classic favourite with cocktail lovers the world over.

The history of Mai Tai

The history of Mai Tai dates back to the 1940s, both in French Polynesia and in the United States. There are various versions of its origin, but it is generally attributed to Victor J. “Trader Vic” Bergeron, owner of Trader Vic’s restaurant in Oakland, California. The story goes that in the 1940s, Vic made a new cocktail for his Tahitian friends using Jamaican rum, orgeat syrup, lime juice and a dash of triple sec. When they tasted the cocktail, his friends exclaimed “Mai Tai roa ae!” which means “out of this world” in Tahitian, thus giving its name to the famous cocktail. Elvis Presley contributed to its worldwide success by drinking it in his 1961 film Under the Blue Skies of Hawaii.

Mai Tai trends

Today, the Mai Tai continues to grow in popularity, particularly in upmarket cocktail bars that offer creative variations on this classic. Modern bartenders are experimenting with different types of rum, homemade syrups and artistic decorations to bring a contemporary twist to the traditional Mai Tai.

Our take on Mai Tai

We’ve created a refreshing version of Mai Tai by balancing and sweetening the cocktail with ginger water. This unique variation offers a spicy twist to this classic cocktail, perfectly balancing the citrus and rum notes with the subtle heat of ginger. A treat for the taste buds, this modern version of Mai Tai is a veritable explosion of exotic flavours.

Mai Tai is much more than just a cocktail; it’s a drink that embodies the spirit of the islands and the art of blending ingredients to create an unforgettable taste experience. Whether you opt for the classic version or our original creation, let yourself be carried away by the magic of Mai Tai and transported to a tropical paradise with every sip.

An electro-tropical playlist for our signature Mai Tai

To accompany our signature Mai Tai, we’ve created a special electro-tropical playlist. This playlist is designed to transport you into a sunny, relaxed atmosphere, where intoxicating rhythms blend harmoniously with the tropical flavours of our cocktail. Enjoy an immersive experience that will awaken your senses and take you on a journey without leaving your seat.

Ginger water*
Lime juice*
Triple Sec
Almond syrup

* From organic farming

Service ritual:
For optimal tasting, place your bottle in a cool place before tasting.
Serve over ice in a pretty glass.

Kegs :
Kegs require a type K dispensing system. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require any equipment.

Alcohol content: 17.6% ABV

Contains allergens.

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